DataDirect™ - Vehicle Data For Business

DataDirect™ is a comprehensive new vehicle database from International Decision Systems, a leading Vehicle Data Provider.

DataDirect is currently used by car dealers and fleet managers throughout the UK to help them make informed decisions when comparing commercial and new vehicles; Many of these organisations stream our vehicle data directly into their automotive dealer management system for a complete vehicle management solution.

  • A vehicle database that covers approximately 100,000 cars and LCVs up to 7.5 ton.
  • IDS DataDirect™ delivers New Vehicle Specifications, Prices and Options at the most competitive pricing structure in the market.
  • Our vehicle data is updated daily for new or used vehicles, cars and LCVs.
  • It requires minimum effort and time for you to be up and running with DataDirect™ since the data is supplied in a format consistent with your current systems and most automotive dealer management systems.
  • Each vehicle is defined at Model / Year level with historical data going back up to 8 years. 

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What’s included with DataDirect Vehicle Data?

DataDirect™ provides vehicle data at derivative level on:

Standard Specification

Features and equipment included as Standard

Vehicle Pricing

Basic Price (ex VAT)

MRP (inc VAT)

Manufacturer Delivery Charge


Vehicle Options




Option Dependencies

Must have

Can’t have



Colour & trim combinations

Paint type and Colour




Technical data cars

CO² emissions

Fuel consumption

Vehicle emissions data





Fuel tank capacity

Engine cubic capacity (cc) and drivetrain performance




Service intervals




Technical data LCVs

For vans and commercial vehicles, we also provide the additional relevant information such as GVW (gross vehicle weight).


An optional images file includes photographic images of current new vehicles, by make and model. Each image is linked to its appropriate data set to enable easy recognition.

Business Benefits of DataDirect Vehicle Data

DataDirect is a business tool designed to help you make decisions based on up-to-date information about the vehicles you are focused on.

  • Make decisions - in the knowledge that your access to new vehicle data is as current as it could possibly be.
  • Latest information - Customers will receive data updates immediately, instead of waiting for the postal service; the IDS web service is robust, highly secure, and fast – never face any delays in driving your business forward.
  • Time saving - Time saved through instant data access – streamline your processes.
  • Cost saving - Minimal cost to the customer – reduce your costs for new vehicle data.
  • Reliability - Dedicated server with 99.9% level of reliability, connection speed and performance; designed to handle numerous customers downloading data simultaneously.
  • Ease of use - Download new vehicle data and commercial vehicle data updates from the interactive IDS data website.

 new vehicle data and commercial vehicle data

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