SMR3™ - Service Maintenance and Repair Software

Forecast running costs for Service, Maintenance and Repair for your vehicles. Our SMR Automotive software covers over 8,000 new cars and light commercial vehicles up to 7.5 ton.

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The IDS SMR3 application provides a maintenance budget prediction which reflects real-life vehicle running costs. One licence for our SMR automotive software gives you access to a comprehensive database of over 8000 cars and commercial vehicles for accurate and up-to-date SMR data.

You can view and export maintenance figures for any term and mileage up to and including 5 years / 200,000 miles, allowing you to forecast your service, maintenance and repair costs.

Maintenance budget predictions are based on service costs, repair costs, tyre costs and MOTs for a range of private commercial vehicles. The servicing element our our vehicle SMR software consists of manufacturers’ recommended service schedules, parts prices and labour times.

service maintenance repairs for vehicles SMR software and smr data

Vehicle Repair Costs

Repair costs for vehicles include an allocation for replacement brakes, wiper blades, clutches, exhaust sections, water pumps, starter motors, alternators, batteries and shock absorbers with our own researched prediction of component life.

Tyre Running Costs

Our SMR data includes tyre costs, which are based on a premium replacement tyre with prices averaged from a number of different sources. An additional contingency is included for any repairs or balancing that may be required during the life of the tyre.

tyre management for commercial vehicle running costs

What’s included with SMR3?

Although we take care to research our own figures for tyre and component life of vehicles, there may be circumstances where you wish to make alterations to the SMR data to meet the specific requirements of the vehicles you run.

For this reason, we offer full user override facilities including but not restricted to:

  • Service Intervals (months and mileages)
  • Tyre replacement mileages
  • Labour Rates
  • Contingency (%age, or £ value)
  • Repair part replacement mileages
  • Inflation
  • Parts discount
  • Tyre discount
  • Currencies
  • Winter tyre allocation

Business Benefits for SMR3

All mainstream manufacturers are covered with our vehicle SMR software – the information you need is always at your fingertips. Offering a complete overview of current vehicles; cars, commercial vehicles and LCVs on the same system – ease of reference.

Weekly updates for vehicle running costs – offering you as accurate a picture as you can get.

Easy comparisons – informing better decisions.

Full user override facilities – use the vehicle data to serve your needs as you define them.

Flexible data export outputs.

Pre-set and user-defined export of maintenance budgets in a format that best serves your business needs. 

Bespoke development by request 

User-defined programming changes can be implemented to SMR3 if required. Changes to our vehicle SMR software could include exports not currently catered for, new data fields, new reports and other similar requirements. As an option to the core SMR3 service, bespoke developments incur an additional charge. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Cost effective Vehicle SMR Management

IDS-SMR3 is available as an annual subscription for single-user desktop or multi-user server installations.

Customisable SMR Vehicle Data

Data override functionality enables you to alter the service, maintenance and repair data to meet your own vehicle monitoring requirements.