Vehicle Leasing

International Data Systems offer a suite of software products and data sources for vehicle leasing companies helping them to make informed decisions on purchase prices and ongoing vehicle costs.

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New Vehicle Data

DataDirect™ - A vehicle data source you can rely on. Accurate, detailed, up-to-the-minute Vehicle Leasing Software data from IDS offering New Vehicle Specifications, Prices, Options, Option Dependencies and Colours & Trim combinations. The information is updated daily for cars and LCVs and can be distributed in a format to align with your vehicle leasing business and system needs. More about the DataDirect New Vehicle Data Solution.


Service, Maintenance and Repair Data

SMR3™ - A fully transparent solution that allows you to view exactly what the SMR budget is made up of down to individual repair parts for vehicles. Should you wish, you can then decide to tailor the SMR3 data to meet your specific operating requirements, with full user override facilities.

Our SMR software package gives combined maintenance figures for import into Leasing software and fully auditable SMR data. More about the SMR3 software solution.